Prince Frederik Adolf, Duke o Östergötland

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Prince Frederik Adolf
Duke o Östergötland
Frederick Adolph of Sweden.jpg
o Prince Frederik Adolf wearing the sash o the Ryal Order o the Seraphim bi Alexander Roslin.
Born18 Julie 1750(1750-07-18)
Drottningholm Paliace
Dee'd12 December 1803(1803-12-12) (aged 53)
Montpellier, France
BuirialRiddarholmen Church
FaitherAdolf Frederick o Swaden
MitherLouisa Ulrika o Proushie
Serafimersköld Prince Frederik Adolphe duc d'Oster-Gothland Riddarholmen.svg

Prince Frederik Adolf o Swaden, Duke o Östergötland (Swadish: Fredrik Adolf; 18 Julie 1750 – 12 December 1803) wis a Swadish Prince, an son o King Adolf Frederick o Swaden an Louisa Ulrika o Proushie, a sister o Frederick the Great, Keeng o Proushie. In the ring o his brither Gustav III he wis gien the teetle Duke o Östergötland on 8 September 1772 an the Tullgarn Pailace as his residence. He wis described as "ane o the maist beautiful princes in Europe"

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 18 Julie 1750 - 8 September 1772 His Ryal Highness Prince Frerik Adolf o Swaden.
  • 8 September 1772 - 12 December 1803 His Ryal Highness The Duke o Östergötland.