Prince François, Coont o Clermont

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Prince François o Orléans
Born7 Februar 1961(1961-02-07)
Dee'd30 December 2017(2017-12-30) (aged 56)
Buirial6 Januar 2018
Ryal Chaipel, Dreux, Fraunce
FaitherHenri, Coont o Paris
MitherDuchess Marie Therese o Württemberg
ReleegionRoman Catholic

Prince François o Orléans, Coont o Clermont (François Henri Louis Marie; 7 Februar 1961 – 30 December 2017) wis the auldest son o Orleanist pretender tae the French throne, Prince Henri, Coont o Paris, Duke o Fraunce an his umwhile wife Duchess Marie Therese o Württemberg.

He wis the Dauphin o Fraunce in Orleanist reckoning. Houiver, his mither haed been infected wi toxoplasmosis during her seicont an third pregnancies, an the pre-natal exposure left baith Prince François an his younger sister, Blanche, developmentally disabled.