Prince Charles Maurice, Coont o Valentinois

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Charles Maurice o Monaco
Coont o Valentinois
The Family of the Duke of Valentinois, Pierre Gobert.jpg
A young Charles Maurice (second frae left)
Born 14 Mey 1727
Hôtel Matignon, Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd 18 Januar 1798 (aged 71)
Spouse Marie Christine de Rouvroy
Issue none
Full name
Charles Maurice Grimaldi
Hoose Grimaldi
Faither Jacques I o Monaco
Mither Louise Hippolyte o Monaco

Prince Charles Maurice o Monaco, Coont o Valentinois (14 Mey 1727 – 18 Januar 1798) wis a Monégasque prince an member o the Hoose o Grimaldi. He wis a son o Louise Hippolyte o Monaco an Prince Jacques I. Mairit on 10 November 1749 tae Marie Christine de Rouvroy, Mademoiselle de Ruffec the couple war mairit in Paris wi the express permission o Keeng Louis XV. Thay separated in 1766 haein no childer thegither. He focht in the Battle o Fontenoy an wis creautit a knicht o the Order o the Gowden Fleece.