Prince Charles Alexandre o Lorraine

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Prince Charles Alexandre
Guardi Prinz K.A.v.Lothringen@Nieders. Landesmuseum20160811.JPG
Prince Charles Alexander bi Giovanni Antonio Guardi.
Born12 December 1712(1712-12-12)
Lunéville, Lorraine, Fraunce
Dee'd4 Julie 1780(1780-07-04) (aged 67)
Tervuren, Brabant, Austrick Netherlands
BuirialImperial Crypt, Vienna, Austrick
SpouseAirchduchess Maria Anna o Austrick
Full name
Charles Alexandre de Lorraine
FaitherLeopold, Duke o Lorraine
MitherÉlisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans

Prince Charles Alexandre o Lorraine (in German); 12 December 1712 – 4 Julie 1780) wis born a Prince o the Duchy o Lorraine anm later mairit Airchduchess Maria Anna o Austrick (a sister o the future Empress Maria Theresa) Thay haed nae childer. He wis a general, soldier an field marshal o the Imperial Airmy, an wis later creatit governor o the Austrick Netherlands. Thay couple lived in Brussels asn war very popular. His wif died in childbirth in 1744. Thay war bloth laid tae reat in the Imperial Crypt, Vienna. In Austrick he wis kent aa Prinz Karl Alexander von Lothringen or juist "Prinz Karl". In Brussels he contucted his ain personal residence his ain personal residence which stairtit in 1757" an wis uised while he wis governor frae 1744 tae 1780. The pailace wis whaur his wife died.

Faimilie[eedit | eedit soorce]

His faither wis Leopold I o Lorraine, the sovereign Duke o Lorraine. His mither wis Élisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans, a niece o Louis XIV o Fraunce, an sister o the Queen o Sardinie an the Duke o Orléans an Regent o Fraunce. Leopold's mither wis a dochter o Ferdinand III, Haly Roman Emperor, sicweys a sister o Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor an Queen Mariana o Spain.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 7 Januar 1744 in Vienna, Prince Charles Alexander mairit Airchduchess Maria Anna o Austrick, younger dochter o Charles VI, Haly Roman Emperor, an sister o Airchduchess Maria Theresa (future Empress) an wife o Prince Charles Alxander's brither Francis I Stephan, Duke o Lorraine.

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