Prince Charles, Coont o Carladès

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Charles o Monaco
Coont o Carladès
The Family of the Duke of Valentinois, Pierre Gobert.jpg
A young Charles (far right)
Born1 Januar 1722(1722-01-01)
Hôtel Matignon, Paris, France
Dee'd24 August 1749(1749-08-24) (aged 27)
Prats-de-Mollo-la-Preste, Pyrenees
Spouseniver mairit
Full name
Charles Marie Auguste Grimaldi
FaitherJacques I o Monaco
MitherLouise Hippolyte o Monaco

Prince Charles o Monaco, Coont o Carladés (Charles Marie Auguste; 1 Januar 1722 – 24 August 1749), wis a Monégasque prince. He wis kent as the Coont o Carladés. He wis an aw the Coont o Matignon.