Prince Carlo Tito, Duke o Calabrie

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Prince Carlo Tito
Duke o Calabrie
Carlo Tito Francesco, Duke of Calabria - Hofburg.jpg
Born 4 Januar 1775(1775-01-04)
Caserta Pailace, Naples
Dee'd 17 December 1778(1778-12-17) (aged 3)
Caserta Pailace, Naples
Buirial Basilica o Santa Chiara, Naples
Full name
Carlo Tito Francesco Giuseppe di Borbone
Hoose Bourbons o Naples
Faither Ferdinand IV o Naples
Mither Maria Carolina o Austrick
Releegion Roman Catholic

Prince Carlo Tito o Naples, Prince o Sicily, Hereditary Prince o Naples, "Duke o Calabrie" (Carlo Tito Francesco Giuseppe; 4 Januar 1775 – 17 December 1778) wis Duke o Calabrie as heir tae Naples an Sicily. He wis named "Carlo" in honour o his grandfaither Charles III o Spain. His mither wis a daughter o Empress Maria Theresa. He wis also the Hereditary Prince o Naples but the teetle Duke o Calabrie wis the traditional teetle used bi the heir tae the Kinrick o Naples.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 4 Januar 1775 – 17 December 1778 His Ryal Highness Don Carlo Tito, Hereditary Prince o Naples, Duke o Calabrie.

Ither wabsteids[eedit | eedit soorce]

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