Prince Aimone o Savoy, Duke o Apulia

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Prince Aimone o Savoy
Duke o Apulia
Aimone di Savoia Aosta second photo.JPG
Born (1967-10-13) 13 October 1967 (age 52)
Florence, Italy
SpousePrincess Olga o Greece
IssueUmberto, Prince o Piedmont
Amedeo, Duke o the Abruzzi
Princess Isabella
Full name
Aimone Umberto Emanuele Filiberto Luigi Amedeo Elena Maria Fiorenzo di Savoia
HooseSavoy (Aosta branch)
FaitherPrince Amedeo, Duke o Aosta
MitherPrincess Claude o Orléans
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Coat of arms of the savoy-aosta line.svg

Prince Aimone o Savoy, Duke o Apulia (Aimone Umberto Emanuele Filiberto Luigi Amedeo Elena Maria Fiorenzo; born 13 October 1967) is the seicont child an first son o Prince Amedeo, 5t Duke o Aosta, one o the twa claimants to the former throne o Italy. In 2006, his faither declared himself Duke o Savoy an head o the Hoose o Savoy; since then Prince Aimone has styled himself Duke o Aosta. However, because the headship o the ryal hoose is disputed between his faither an Vittorio Emanuele, Prince o Naples, he is still referred tae as the Duke o Apulia.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He mairit Princess Olga o Greece on 16 September 2008.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Prince Umberto o Savoy (born on 7 Mairch 2009) granted the teetle Prince o Piedmont.
  2. Prince Amedeo Michele o Savoy (born on 24 Mey 2011) granted the teetle Duke o the Abruzzi.
  3. Princess Isabella Vita Marina o Savoy, (born on 14 December 2012)