Primo Levi

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Primo Levi
Born 31 Julie 1919(1919-07-31)
Turin, Italy
Dee'd 11 Apryle 1987(1987-04-11) (aged 67)
Turin, Italy
Pen name Damiano Malabaila (used for some of his fictional works)
Thrift Writer, chemist
Leid Italian
Naitionality Jewish-Italian
Eddication Degree in chemistry
Alma mater Varsity o Turin
Period 1947–86
Genre Autobiography, short story, essay
Notable warks If This Is a Man
Spoose Lucia Morpurgo
Bairns Lisa (b. 1948), Renzo (b. 1957)
Relatives Cesare Levi (faither), Ester, kent as Rina (mither), Anna Maria Levi (sister)

Primo Michele Levi (Italian: [ˈpriːmo ˈlɛːvi]; 31 Julie 1919 – 11 Aprile 1987) wis an Italian Jewish chemist, writer, an Holocaust survivor.