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The front page o Pravda on 3 Julie 1941
Teep Three times a week newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Awner(s) Communist Pairty o the Roushie Federation
Editor Boris Komotsky
Foondit Mey 5, 1912 (offeecially)
Poleetical alignment Communism
Leid Roushie leid
Heidquarters 24, Pravda Street, Moscow
Circulation 100,300 (2013)
Wabsteid Pravda's wabsteid (KPRF branch)

Pravda (Roushie: Правда, "Truth") is a Roushie poleetical newspaper associatit wi the Communist Pairty of the Roushie Federation. The newspaper wis stairtit bi the Roushie Revolutionaries during the pre-Warld War I days an emerged as a leadin newspaper o the Soviet Union efter the Roushie Revolution. The newspaper an aa served as a central organ o the Central Committee o the RSDLP an the CPSU atween 1912 an 1991.