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The front page o Pravda on 3 Julie 1941
TeepThree times a week newspaper
Awner(s)Communist Pairty o the Roushie Federation
EditorBoris Komotsky
FoonditMey 5, 1912 (offeecially)
Poleetical alignmentCommunism
LeidRoushie leid
Heidquarters24, Pravda Street, Moscow
Circulation100,300 (2013)
WabsteidPravda's wabsteid (KPRF branch)

Pravda (Roushie: Правда, "Truth") is a Roushie poleetical newspaper associatit wi the Communist Pairty o the Roushie Federation. The newspaper wis stairtit bi the Roushie Revolutionaries during the pre-Warld War I days an emerged as a leadin newspaper o the Soviet Union efter the Roushie Revolution. The newspaper an aa served as a central organ o the Central Committee o the RSDLP an the CPSU atween 1912 an 1991.