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Praetor (Classical Latin: [ˈprajtoːr]) wis a teetle grantit bi the govrenment o Auncient Roum tae men actin in ane o twa offeecial capacities: the commander o an airmy (in the field or, less eften, afore the airmy haed been mustered); or, an electit magistratus (magistrate), assigned various duties (that varied at different periods in Roum's history). The functions o the magistracy, the praetura (praetorship), are describit bi the adjective:[1] the praetoria potestas (praetorian pouer), the praetorium imperium (praetorian authority), an the praetorium ius (praetorian law), the legal precedents established bi the praetores (praetors). Praetorium, as a substantive, denotit the location frae which the praetor exercised his authority, either the heidquarters o his castra, the coorthoose (tribunal) o his judiciary, or the ceety haw o his provincial govrenorship.[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In the Laitin leid, the endin o the adjective grees wi the case, gender, an nummer, o the noun, which is why the endin o praetori- varies in the phrases gien.
  2. Maist moderate-size Laitin dictionaries leet the praetorial noons an adjectives, an uises an major soorces.