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Powkshiels is located in Glesga Ceety Cooncil area
Location within Glesga
Population9,699 [1][2]
LeidInglis, Scots
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
  • Glasgow
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounGLASGOW
Postcode destrictG41
Diallin code0141
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
55°50′32″N 4°17′06″W / 55.8423°N 4.2850°W / 55.8423; -4.2850Coordinates: 55°50′32″N 4°17′06″W / 55.8423°N 4.2850°W / 55.8423; -4.2850

Powkshiels (Scots Gaelic: Buthan Phollaig, Inglis: Pollokshields) is a area in the sooth side o Glesga, Scotland. Its modren mairches is mainly man-makit, bein formt bi the M77 motorwey tae the wast an northwast wi the appen laund o Powk Kintra Pairk an the Dumbreck neeburheid ayont, bi the Innerclyde railwey an ither brainches that sinders its territory frae the mainly industrial airts o Kinning Pairk, Kingstoun an Port Eglinton, an bi the Glesga Sooth Wastren Line rinnin frae the east tae the sooth, boorderin Gouanhull, Strathbungo, Crossmaluif an Shawlands residential areas. Thare is a suburban railwey rinnin throu the area as weel.

Powkshiels is a conservation area that wis developed in Victorian times accordin tae a plan bi the orieginal laundawners, the Stirling-Maxwells o Pollock, that's association wi the area gangs back as faur as 1270. The core o the area wis biggit in twa distinct an opponin styles, wi the wastren pairt haein muckle villas wi gairdens alang tree-linit boulevards, whiles the eastren pairt, aince a sindrie burough o its ain, is makit up o three-storey tenements that is uisual o a lot o pairts o the ciety frae the era, layed oot in a techt grid o streets on relative flat groond.[3]

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