Potomac River

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Potomac River (Wappatomaka)
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Kintra Unitit States
States Wast Virginie, Maryland, Virginie, Washington, D.C.
 - left Monocacy River, Anacostia River
 - right Shenandoah River, Occoquan River
Ceeties Harpers Ferry, WV, Cumberland, MD, Washington, D.C., Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA
Soorce Fairfax Stone
 - elevation 3,060 ft (933 m)
 - coordinates 39°11′43″N 79°29′28″W / 39.19528°N 79.49111°W / 39.19528; -79.49111
Mooth Chesapeake Bay
 - location St. Mary's Coonty, Maryland / Northumberland Coonty, Virginie, USA
 - elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 - coordinates 37°59′57″N 76°14′59″W / 37.99917°N 76.24972°W / 37.99917; -76.24972Coordinates: 37°59′57″N 76°14′59″W / 37.99917°N 76.24972°W / 37.99917; -76.24972
Lenth 405 mi (652 km)
The Potomac River wattershed covers the Destrict o Columbie an pairts o fower states

The Potomac River /pəˈtmək/ is locatit alang the mid-Atlantic coast o the Unitit States an flows intae the Chesapeake Bay.