Potassium nitrate

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Potassium nitrate[1]
Potassium nitrate
Potassium nitrate structure.svg
Potassium nitrate ball-and-stick.png
IUPAC name
Potassium nitrate
Ither names
Nitrate of potash[2]
3D model (JSmol)
ECHA InfoCard 100.028.926
EC Nummer 231-818-8
E nummer E252 (preservatives)
RTECS nummer TT3700000
UN nummer 1486
Molar mass 101.1032 g/mol
Appearance white solid
Odour odorless
Density 2.109 g/cm3 (16 °C)
Meltin pynt 334 °C (633 °F; 607 K)
Bylin pynt decomposes at 400 °C
133 g/L (0 °C)
316 g/L (20 °C)
2460 g/L (100 °C)[3]
Solubility slightly soluble in ethanol
soluble in glycerol, ammonia
Basicity (pKb) 15.3[4]
Magnetic susceptibility −33.7·10−6 cm3/mol
Refractive index (nD) 1.335, 1.5056, 1.5604
Orthorhombic, Aragonite
Speceefic heat capacity, C 95.06 J/mol K
Std enthalpy o
-494.00 kJ/mol
Main hazards Oxidant, Harmful if swallowed, Inhaled, or absorbed on skin. Causes Irritation to Skin and Eye area.
Safety data sheet ICSC 0184
EU clessification Oxidant (O)
R-phrases R8 R22 R36 R37 R38
S-phrases S7 S16 S17 S26 S36 S41
NFPA 704
Flash pynt Non-flammable
Lethal dose or concentration (LD, LC):
1901 mg/kg (oral, rabbit)
3750 mg/kg (oral, rat)[5]
Relatit compoonds
Ither anions
Potassium nitrite
Ither cations
Lithium nitrate
Sodium nitrate
Rubidium nitrate
Caesium nitrate
Relatit compoonds
Potassium sulfate
Potassium chloride
Except whaur itherwise notit, data are gien for materials in thair staundart state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Potassium nitrate is a chemical compoond wi the chemical formula KNO3. It is an ionic saut o potassium ions K+ an nitrate ions NO3, an is tharefore an alkali metal nitrate.

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