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Postmodernism describes baith an era and a broad muivement that developed in the late-20t century across filosofie, the airts, airchitectur, an creeticism which merked a departur frae modrenism.[1][2][3] While encompassin a broad range o ideas an projects, postmodrenism is teepically defined bi an attitude o skepticism or distrust taewart grand narratives, ideologies, an various tenets o Enlichtenment raitionality, includin the existence o objective reality an absolute truth, as well as notions o raitionality, human naitur, an progress.[4] Instead, it asserts that knawledge an truth are the product o unique seestems o social, historical, an poleetical discoorse an interpretation, an are tharefore contextual an constructit. Accordinly, postmodren thocht is broadly chairacterised bi tendencies tae epistemological an moral relativism, pluralism, sel-referentiality, an irony.[4]

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