Portuguese Airmed Forces

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Portuguese Airmed Forces
Forças Armadas
Military flag of Portugal.svg
Portuguese military colors
Service branchesPortuguese Airmy
Portuguese Navy
Portuguese Air Force
Preses o the RepublicMarcelo Rebelo de Sousa
Prime MeenisterAntónio Costa
Meenister o Naitionsl DefenceJoão Gomes Cravinho[1]
Chief o the General StaffAntónio Silva Ribeiro[2]
Available for
militar service
2,566,264 males, age 18–35 (2010[4]),
2,458,297 females, age 18–35 (2010[4])
Fit for
militar service
2,103,080 males, age 18–35 (2010[4]),
2,018,004 females, age 18–35 (2010[4])
Reachin militar
age annually
62,208 males (2010[4]),
54,786 females (2010[4])
Active personnel32,992 (88% males, 12% females) (2016[3])
Deployed personnel600
Budget€2.928 billion ($3.358 billion) (2019)[5]
Percent o GDP1.41% (2019)[5]
Foreign suppliers
  • Austrick
  • Belgium
  • Canadae
  • Bulgarie
  • Finland
  • Fraunce
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Sooth Africae
  • Swaden
  • Swisserland
  • Unitit Kinrick
  • Unitit States
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Portugal
RanksMilitar ranks o Portugal

The Portuguese Airmed Forces (Portuguese: Forças Armadas) ar the militar o Portugal. Thay include the General Staff o the Airmed Forces, the ither unifeed bodies an the three service branches: Portuguese Navy, Portuguese Airmy an Portuguese Air Force.[6]

The Preses o the Republic is the heid o the Portuguese militar, wi the title o "Supreme Commander o the Airmed Forces" (Comandante Supremo das Forças Armadas).[7] The management o the Airmed Forces an the execution o the naitional defense policy is houaniver done bi the govrenment (chaired bi the Prime Meenister) via its Meenistry o Naitional Defence.[8] The heichest-rankin officer in the militar is the Chief o the General Staff o the Airmed Forces, which haes operational control o the Airmed Forces durin peacetime an assumes thair full control when a state o war exists.

The Airmed Forces are chairged wi protectin Portugal as weel as supportin internaitional peacekeeping efforts when mandatit bi the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Unitit Naitions an/or the European Union.

Portugal wis ranked the 3rd maist peaceful kintra in the Warld in the Global Peace Index 2017, presently nae haein signeeficant naitional security issues. The Portuguese Airmed Forces hae been thus focused in non militar public service activeeties an in external militar operations. Recent external operations include anti-piracy action in the Gulf o Aden, the conflicts in the Central African Republic an in Afghanistan, the peacekeeping missions in East-Timor, Lebanon, Kosovo and Bosnie-Herzegovinae, an the air policing o Iceland an the Baltic States.[9]

Militar units an ither bodies are stationed throuoot aw the Portuguese territory, includin Continental Portugal, Madeira an the Azores.

The Portuguese Airmed Forces wur opened regular for weemen durin the early-1990's. Portugal haed mandatory conscription for aw able-bodies men until November 2004.[10]

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