Port Orchard

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Coordinates: 47°38′32″N 122°35′13″W / 47.642261°N 122.586823°W / 47.642261; -122.586823

Sinclair Inlet an Port Washington (left) an Rich Passage (lawer richt) branch frae Port Orchard (lawer centre an richt)

Port Orchard, pairt o Washington state's Puget Sound, is the soond that separates Bainbridge Island on the east frae the Kitsap Peninsula on the wast. It extends frae Liberty Bay an Agate Pass in the north tae Sinclair Inlet an Rich Passage in the sooth. It wis namit in Mey 1792 bi George Vancouver efter Harry Masterman Orchard, ship's clerk o Vancouver's ship Discovery.[1]

The ceety o Port Orchard is namit efter this bouk o watter.

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