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View intae a narrow street o Pompeii.
Pompeii is locatit in Italy
Shawn within Italy
Location Pompei, Campanie, Italy
Coordinates 40°45′04″N 14°29′13″E / 40.751°N 14.487°E / 40.751; 14.487Coordinates: 40°45′04″N 14°29′13″E / 40.751°N 14.487°E / 40.751; 14.487
Teep Settlement
Foondit 6t-7t century BC
Abandoned 79 AD
Site notes
Wabsteid www.pompeiisites.org
Offeecial name Archaeological Auries o Pompeii, Herculaneum, an Torre Annunziata
Teep Cultural
Criteria iii, iv, v
Designatit 1997 (21st session)
Reference no. 829
Region Europe an North Americae

The ceety o Pompeii wis an auncient Roman toun-ceety near modren Naples in the Italian region o Campanie, in the territory o the comune o Pompei. Pompeii, alang wi Herculaneum an mony villas in the surroondin aurie, wis maistly destroyed an buried unner 4 tae 6 m (13 tae 20 ft) o ash an pumice in the eruption o Munt Vesuvius in 79 AD.