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  Polygamy is legal
  Legal status unkent
  Polygamy is anerly legal for Muslims
  Polygamy is illegal, but practice isna criminalised
  Polygamy is illegal an practice criminalised
  • In Eritrea, Indie, Philippines, Singapore, an Sri Lanka polygamy is anerly legal for Muslims.
  • In Nigerie an Sooth Africa, polygamous mairiages unner customary law an for Muslims are legally recognised.
  • In Mauritius, polygamous unions hae na legal recogneetion. Muslim men mey, houever, "mairy" up tae fower weemen, but thay dinna hae the legal status o wives.

Polygyny (frae Neoclessical Greek πολυγυνία frae πολύ- poly- "mony", an γυνή gyne "woman" or "wife"[1]) is the maist common an acceptit form o polygamy, entailin the mairiage o a man wi several weemen. Maist kintras that permit polygamy are Muslim-majority kintras in which polygyny is the anerly form permittit. Polyandry is illegal in virtually every state o the warld.

In some kintras whaur polygamy is illegal, an whiles even when legal, at times it is kent for men tae hae ane or mair mistresses, that thay dinna mairy. The status o a mistress isna that o a wife, an ony bairns born o sic relationships war an some still are conseedert illegitimate an subject tae legal disadvantage.

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