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  Polygamy is legal
  Legal status unkent
  Polygamy is anerly legal for Muslims
  Polygamy is illegal, but practice isna criminalised
  Polygamy is illegal an practice criminalised
  • In Eritrea, Indie, Philippines, Singapore, an Sri Lanka polygamy is anerly legal for Muslims.
  • In Nigerie an Sooth Africae, polygamous mairiages unner customary law an for Muslims are legally recognised.
  • In Mauritius, polygamous unions hae na legal recogneetion. Muslim men mey, houever, "mairy" up tae fower weemen, but thay dinna hae the legal status o wives.

Polyandry (frae Greek: πολυ- poly-, "mony" an ἀνήρ anēr, "man") involves mairiage that includes mair nor twa pairtners an can faw unner the broader category o polyamory.[1][2] Mair speceefically, it is a form o polygamy, whaur a woman takes twa or mair husbands at the same time. Polyandry is contrasted wi polygyny, involvin ane male an twa or mair females. If a mairiage involves a plural nummer o "husbands an wives" pairteecipants o each gender, then it can be cried polyamory,[3] group or conjynt mairiage.[2] In its broadest uise, polyandry refers tae sexual relations wi multiple males within or withoot mairiage.

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