Polharrow Burn

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The Auld Brig o'er the Polharrow Burn

Polharrow Burn is a wee watercourse in Kircoubrieshire, Galloway, Scotland, whilk rises in Loch Harrow and flows towards St John's Toun o Dalry afore joining the Watter o Ken. [1] Its chief tributaries bein McAdam's Burn and Crummy Burn.

It gies its name tae a Scottish Country Dance by the wartime Bletchley Park cryptographer an country dance deviser Hugh Foss, whilk appeared in his Glendarroch Scottish Country Dance Collection in 1966. He published loads volumes o thae fae his ain imprint, Glendarroch Press, cried aifter his hoose. He leed in his retirement at Glendarroch in St John's Toun o Dalry an deid in 1971. [2] [3]

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