Bluid plasma

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A unit o donatit fresh frozen plasma

Bluid plasma is a yellaeish coloured liquid component o bluid that normally hauds the bluid cells in hale bluid in suspension; this maks plasma the extracellular matrix o bluid cells. It maks up aboot 55% o the bouk's tot bluid vollum.[1] It is the intravascular fluid pairt o extracellular fluid (aw bouk fluid ootside cells). It is maistly watter (up tae 95% bi vollum), an conteens dissolved proteins (6–8%) (i.e.—serum albumins, globulins, an fibrinogen),[2] glucose, clottin factors, electrolytes (Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, HCO3, Cl, etc.), hormones, caurbon dioxide (plasma bein the main medium for excretory product transportation) an oxygen. Plasma an aa serves as the protein reserve o the human bouk. It plays a vital role in an intravascular osmotic effect that keeps electrolytes in balanced form an pertects the bouk frae infection an ither bluid disorders.[3]

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