Pietro Perugino

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Pietro Perugino
Pietro Perugino 031.jpg
Sel-portrait, 1497–1500
Born Pietro Vannucci
c. 1446
Città della Pieve, Umbrie, Italy
Died 1523
Fontignano, Umbrie, Italy
Naitionality Italian
Eddication Andrea del Verrocchio
Kent for Pentin, Fresco
Notable wirk(s) The Delivery o the Keys
Muivement Italian Renaissance

Pietro Perugino (Italian: [ˈpjɛːtro peruˈdʒiːno]; c. 1446/1452 – 1523), born Pietro Vannucci, wis an Italian Renaissance penter o the Umbrian schuil, who developed some o the qualities that foond clessic expression in the Heich Renaissance.