Pierre, Duke o Penthièvre

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Prince Pierre o Orléans
Duke o Penthièvre
Penthièvre Pierre.JPG
Born 4 November 1845
Saint-Cloud, Saint Cloud, Fraunce
Dee'd 17 Julie 1919(1919-07-17) (aged 73)
Paris, France
Buirial Ryal Chaipel, Dreux, Fraunce
Spouse Angélique Lebesgue
Issue Jeanne Angelique, Marquise o Arsy
Full name
Pierre Philippe Jean Marie d'Orléans
Hoose House of Orléans
Faither Prince François, Prince of Joinville
Mither Princess Francisca o Brazil
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Seegnatur Prince Pierre o Orléans's signature

Prince Pierre o Orléans, Duke o Penthièvre (Pierre Philippe Jean Marie; November 4 1845 – Julie 17 1919) kent as the Duke o Penthièvre wis a grandson o French keeng Louis Philippe I. Depite having a proposal o mairiage frae a Brazilian princess he chose a naval career and faithered twa childer without marrying. Prince Pierre wis an officer in the Union and French Navies an traveler.

Relationship[eedit | eedit soorce]

Although he never mairit, Prince Pierre haed twa childer with Angélique Marie Augustine Lebesgue a mairit woman:

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Jeanne Angelique Marie Lebesgue (24 December 1879 – after 1903), who in 1903 mairit Jean de Gouy, Marquis o Arsy.
  2. Pierre Fernand Eugène Lebesgue (12 Julie 1881 – 23 September 1962) mairit Yvonne Patrigean.

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