Piero della Francesca

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Piero della Francesca
Resurrection detail.JPG
A sel-portrait, detail frae The Resurrection
Born1415 (1415)[1]
Sansepolcro, Republic o Florence
Died12 October 1492(1492-10-12) (aged 77)
Sansepolcro, Republic o Florence
Kent forPentin, Fresco
Notable wirk(s)The Baptism o Christ
Flagellation o Christ
Brera Madonna
MuivementEarly Renaissance

Piero della Francesca (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpjɛːro della franˈtʃeska] Aboot this soondlisten ; c. 1415[1] – 12 October 1492) wis an Italian penter o the Early Renaissance. As testified bi Giorgio Vasari in his Lives o the Maist Excellent Penters, Sculptors, an Airchitects, tae contemporaries he wis an aa kent as a mathematician an geometer. Nouadays Piero della Francesca is chiefly appreciatit for his airt. His pentin is chairacterised bi its serene humanism, its uise o geometric forms an perspective. His maist famous wark is the cycle o frescoes The History o the True Cross in the kirk o San Francesco in the Tuscan toun o Arezzo.

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