Pico de São Tomé

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Pico de São Tomé
Otok sv. Tome -E-8383.JPG
Satellite imagery of the west of the island featuring the peak and its forested area
Heichest pynt
Elevation3,001 m (9,846 ft) [1]
Prominence2,024 m (6,640 ft) [1]
LeetinKintra heich pynt, Ultra,
São Tomé an Príncipe
Coordinates0°16′10″N 6°32′30″E / 0.26944°N 6.54167°E / 0.26944; 6.54167Coordinates: 0°16′10″N 6°32′30″E / 0.26944°N 6.54167°E / 0.26944; 6.54167[1]
Muntain teepShield volcano

Pico de São Tomé is the heichest moontain in São Tomé an Príncipe at 2,024 m (6,640 ft) elevation.[2] It lies juist wast o the centre o São Tomé Island, in the Parque Natural Obô de São Tomé an in the Lembá Destrict. The seicont heichest pynt, Pico de Ana Chaves (1,630 m (5,348 ft)), lies aboot 3 km tae its sooth east.[3] The toun Santa Catarina is 8 km tae the wast.

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The entire island o São Tomé is a massive shield volcano which rises frae the fluir o the Atlantic Ocean, ower 3,000 m (10,000 ft) belaw sea level. It formed alang the Cameroon line, a linear rift zone extendin frae Cameroon soothwast intae the Atlantic Ocean. Maist o the lava eruptit on São Tomé ower the last million years haes been basalt. The maist recent activity wis aboot 36,000 years ago.[4]

On auld maps o São Tomé an Príncipe, the moontain is named "Pico Gago Coutinho", efter Portuguese naval officer Carlos Viegas Gago Coutinho (1869–1959) wha, taegither wi Sacadura Cabral (1881–1924), wis the first tae cross the Sooth Atlantic Ocean bi air.[5]

The moontain is clad in forest. On the lawer slopes are plantations o coffee an cocoa, an heicher up are lairge trees swathed in orchids, lichens an ither epiphytes. The upper pairts o the moontain are eften swathed in mist. It can be climbed frae twa sides. Ane wey stairts above the Ponta Figo plantation an necessitates a camp at Pico Mesa at 1,875 m (6,152 ft). The summit can then be reached in aboot an oor afore descendin via Carvalho tae the Bombaim Plantation hoose. The ither route ascends frae the botanic garden at Bom Sucesso tae Carvalho whur thare is a rest aurie an camping faceelities. On the next day, the summit can be reached wi a descent bein made tae Ponta Figo. The ascent can be made in a single aichteen oor hike frae Ponta Figo, but this disnae allou much time for viewin the flora an fauna. The trek is nae difficult but the eften rainy wather tends tae make the path vera slippery.[5]

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