Pico da Neblina

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Pico da Neblina
Pico da Neblina (FAB).jpg
Pico da Neblina in 2015, wi the uisual cloods.
Heichest pynt
Elevation 2,995.30 m (9,827.1 ft) [1]
Prominence 2,887 m (9,472 ft) 
Ranked 112th
Isolation 931 kilometres (578 mi)
Leetin Kintra Heich Pynt
Coordinates 0°48′17″N 66°00′24″W / 0.80472°N 66.00667°W / 0.80472; -66.00667Coordinates: 0°48′17″N 66°00′24″W / 0.80472°N 66.00667°W / 0.80472; -66.00667[2]
Pico da Neblina is locatit in Brazil
Pico da Neblina
Pico da Neblina
Location o Pico da Neblina in Brazil
Location State o Amazonas, Brazil
Parent range Serra da Neblina ("Moontain Range o the Mists"), a section o Serra do Imeri in the Guiana Heichlaunds
First ascent 1965
Easiest route Frae the toun o São Gabriel da Cachoeira tae Iazinho river bi truck, then bi boat on Iazinho river, Ia river, Caburaí river an Tucano river, then on a jungle trail wi three camps (Tucano, Bebedouro Novo, Garimpo do Tucano) afore the final ascent.

Pico da Neblina (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈpiku dɐ neˈblĩnɐ], Mist Peak) is the heichest peak in Brazil, 2,995.3 metres (9,827 ft) above sea level, in the Serra da Neblina, pairt o the Serra do Imeri, a section o the Guiana Heichlaunds on the Brazil-Venezuela border. As determinit bi a border survey expedition in 1962, its summit lies juist within Brazilian territory, at a horizontal distance o anelie 687 m (2,254 ft) frae the Venezuelan border at Pico 31 de Março.

As the peak's name suggests, it is shroodit in dense cloods maist o the time [3] it wis first ascendit in 1965 bi members o a Brazilian Airmy expedition.

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