Philipp Wilhelm, Elector Palatine

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Philipp Wilhelm
Elector Palatine
Coont Palatine o Neuburg
Anonym Herzog Philipp Wilhelm.jpg
Philip William in 1685
Born24 November 1615(1615-11-24)
New Pailace, Gießen, Germany
Dee'd2 September 1690(1690-09-02) (aged 74)
Vienna, Austrick
BuirialNeuburg an der Donau, Germany
SpouseAnna Catherine Constance Vasa
Elisabeth Amalie o Hesse-Darmstadt
IssueEleonore Madeleine, Haly Roman Empress
John William, Elector Palatine
Charles III Philip, Elector Palatine
Alexander Sigismund, Bishop o Augsburg
Francis Louis, Archbishop of Trier
Maria Sophia, Queen o Portugal
Maria Anna, Queen o Spain
Dorothea Sophie, Duchess o Parma
Hedwig Elisabeth, Princess Sobieski
FaitherWolfgang William, Coont Palatine o Neuburg
MitherMagdalene o Bavarie
Coat of Arms of Philip William, Johann Wilhelm and Charles III Philip, Electors Palatine (Order of the Golden Fleece).svg

Philipp Wilhelm, Elector Palatine (24 November 1615 – 2 September 1690) wis Coont Palatine o Neuburg frae 1653 tae 1690, Duke o Jülich and Berg frae 1653 tae 1679 an Elector o the Palatinate from 1685 to 1690. He was the son o Wolfgang Wilhelm, Coont Palatine o Neuburg an Magdalene o Bavarie. Through his eldest dochter Eleonore Magdalene, he is an ancestor o Empress Maria Theresa an thus the Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine. His dochter Dorothea Sophie wis the mither o Elisabeth Farnese an thus an ancestor o the Bourbons o Spain an the Bourbons o Parma an the Bourbons o the Twa Sicilies. He wis succeeded as Elector o the Palatinate bi his son Johann Wilhelm.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Anna Catherine Constance Vasa, a dochter o Sigismund III Vasa an sister o Jan II Casimir Vasa an Władysław IV Vasa. They mairit on 8 Juin 1642. She brocht a muckle dowry.

  1. On 18 Julie 1645 she gave birth her anly bairn, a son, who died the same day

Seicont mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Princess Elisabeth Amalie o Hesse-Darmstadt, a granddochter o John George I, Elector o Saxony as well as the Kings o Denmark.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Eleonore Magdalene o Neuburg 6 Januar 1655 – 19 Januar 1720) mairit Leopold I, Haly Roman Emperor.
  2. Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine (19 Aprile 1658 – 8 Juin 1716) mairit Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici but haed nae issue, mairit Airchduchess Maria Anna Josepha o Austrick but haed nae surviving issue.
  3. Alexander Sigismund o Neuburg (16 Aprile 1663 - 24 Januar 1737) Prince-Bishop o Augsburg 1690–1737, niver mairit.
  4. Franz Ludwig o Neuburg (18 Julie 1664 – 6 Aprile 1732) Airchbishop o Mainz. niver mairit.
  5. Maria Sophie o Neuburg (6 August 1666 – 4 August 1699) mairit Pedro II o Portugal an haed issue.
  6. Maria Anna o Neuburg (28 October 1667 – 16 Julie 1740) mairit Charles II o Spain but haed nae issue.
  7. Philipp Wilhelm August o Neuburg (19 November 1668 - 5 Aprile 1693) mairit Anna Maria Franziska o Saxe-Lauenburg an haed issue.
  8. Dorothea Sophie o Neuburg (5 Julie 1670 – 15 September 1748) mairit Odoardo Farnese, Hereditary Prince o Parma an haed issue, mairit his brither Francesco Farnese, Duke o Parma but haed nae issue.
  9. Hedwig Elisabeth o Neuburg 18 Julie 1673 – 10 August 1722) mairit Jakub Ludwik Sobieski, Prince o Oława an haed issue.