Philipp Rösler

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Philipp Rösler
20130922 Bundestagswahl 2013 in Berlin by Olaf Kosinsky2659.JPG
Vice Chancellor o Germany
In office
16 Mey 2011 – 17 December 2013
ChancellorAngela Merkel
Precedit biGuido Westerwelle
Succeedit biSigmar Gabriel
Leader o the Free Democratic Pairty
In office
13 Mey 2011 – 7 December 2013
Precedit biGuido Westerwelle
Succeedit biChristian Lindner
Meenister o Economics an Technology
In office
12 Mey 2011 – 17 December 2013
ChancellorAngela Merkel
Precedit biRainer Brüderle
Succeedit biSigmar Gabriel (Economics an Energy)
Meenister o Health
In office
28 October 2009 – 12 Mey 2011
ChancellorAngela Merkel
Precedit biUlla Schmidt
Succeedit biDaniel Bahr
Meenister for Economics, Labour an Transport o Lawer Saxony
In office
18 Februar 2009 – 22 October 2009
GovrenorChristian Wulff
Precedit biWalter Hirche
Succeedit biJörg Bode
Personal details
Born (1973-02-24) 24 Februar 1973 (age 46)
Ba Xuyen, Sooth Vietnam
(nou Soc Trang, Vietnam)
Poleetical pairtyFree Democratic Pairty
Spoose(s)Wiebke Rösler (2003–present)
Alma materHannover Medical Schuil
ReligionRoman Catholicism
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid

Philipp Rösler (born 24 Februar 1973)[1] is a German politeecian who wis the Federal Meenister o Economics an Technology an the Vice Chancellor o Germany frae 2011 tae 2013.[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Rösler's exact date o birth is unkent; 24 February 1973 is uised in offeecial documents.
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