Philipp Wilhelm, Elector Palatine

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Philipp Wilhelm
Elector Palatine
Coont Palatine o Neuburg
Anonym Herzog Philipp Wilhelm.jpg
Philip William in 1685
Born 24 November 1615(1615-11-24)
New Pailace, Gießen, Germany
Dee'd 2 September 1690(1690-09-02) (aged 74)
Vienna, Austrick
Buirial Neuburg an der Donau, Germany
Spouse Anna Catherine Constance Vasa
Elisabeth Amalie o Hesse-Darmstadt
Issue Eleonor Madeleine, Holy Roman Empress
John William, Elector Palatine
Charles III Philip, Elector Palatine
Alexander Sigismund, Bishop o Augsburg
Francis Louis, Archbishop of Trier
Maria Sophia, Queen o Portugal
Maria Anna, Queen o Spain
Dorothea Sophie, Duchess o Parma
Hedwig Elisabeth, Princess Sobieski
Hoose Wittelsbach
Faither Wolfgang William, Coont Palatine o Neuburg
Mither Magdalene of Bavaria
Coat of Arms of Philip William, Johann Wilhelm and Charles III Philip, Electors Palatine (Order of the Golden Fleece).svg

Philipp Wilhelm, Elector Palatine (24 November 1615 – 2 September 1690) wis Coont Palatine o Neuburg frae 1653 tae 1690, Duke o Jülich and Berg frae 1653 tae 1679 an Elector o the Palatinate from 1685 to 1690. He was the son o Wolfgang Wilhelm, Coont Palatine o Neuburg an Magdalene o Bavarie. Through his eldest daughter Eleonore Magdalene, he is an ancestor o Empress Maria Theresa an thus the Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine. His daughter Dorothea Sophie wis the mither o Elisabeth Farnese an thus an ancestor o the Bourbons o Spain an the Bourbons o Parma an the Bourbons o the Twa Sicilies. He wis succeeded as Elector o the Palatinate bi his son Johann Wilhelm.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Anna Catherine Constance Vasa, a daughter o Sigismund III Vasa an sister o Jan II Casimir Vasa an Władysław IV Vasa. They mairit on 8 Juin 1642. She brought a large dowry.

  1. On 18 Julie 1645 she gave birth her anly bairn, a son, who died the same day

Second mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Princess Elisabeth Amalie o Hesse-Darmstadt, a granddaughter o John George I, Elector o Saxony aa well aa the Keengs o Denmark.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Eleonore Magdalene o Neuburg 6 Januar 1655 – 19 Januar 1720) mairit Leopold I, Haly Roman Emperor.
  2. Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine (19 Aprile 1658 – 8 Juin 1716) mairit Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici but haed nae childer, mairit Airchduchess Maria Anna Josepha o Austrick but haed nae surviving childer.
  3. Alexander Sigismund o Neuburg (16 Aprile 1663 - 24 Januar 1737) Prince-Bishop o Augsburg 1690–1737, niver mairit.
  4. Franz Ludwig o Neuburg (18 Julie 1664 – 6 Aprile 1732) Airchbishop o Mainz. niver mairit.
  5. Maria Sophie o Neuburg (6 August 1666 – 4 August 1699) mairit Pedro II o Portugal an haed childer.
  6. Maria Anna o Neuburg (28 October 1667 – 16 Julie 1740) mairit Charles II o Spain but haed nae childer.
  7. Philipp Wilhelm August o Neuburg (19 November 1668 - 5 Aprile 1693) mairit Anna Maria Franziska o Saxe-Lauenburg an haed ane daughter.
  8. Dorothea Sophie o Neuburg (5 Julie 1670 – 15 September 1748) mairit Odoardo Farnese, Hereditary Prince o Parma an haed childer, mairit his brither Francesco Farnese, Duke o Parma but haed nae childer.
  9. Hedwig Elisabeth o Neuburg 18 Julie 1673 – 10 August 1722) mairit Jakub Ludwik Sobieski, Prince o Oława an haed childer.