Philip I o Fraunce

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Philip I
Philip's tomb effigy in Fleury Abbey
Keeng o the Franks
23 Mey 1059 – 4 August 1060;
4 August 1060 – 29 Julie 1108
Coronation 23 Mey 1059
Predecessor Henry I
Successor Louis VI
Born 23 Mey 1052(1052-05-23)
Dee'd 29 Julie 1108(1108-07-29) (aged 56)
Buirial Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire[1]
Spouse Bertha o Holland
Bertrade de Montfort
Issue Constance o Fraunce, Princess o Antioch
Louis VI o Fraunce
Philip, Coont o Mantes
Fleury, Seigneur o Nangis Cecile, Princess o Galilee
Hoose Hoose o Capet
Faither Henry I o Fraunce
Mither Anne o Kiev
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Philip I (23 Mey 1052 – 29 Julie 1108), cried the Amorous,[2] wis Keeng o the Franks frae 1060 tae his daith.

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