Philip II, Duke o Savoy

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Philip II
Filippo II di Sasvoia Detto il Senza Terra.PNG
Duke o Savoy
Ring 16 Aprile 1496 – 7 November 1497
Predecessor Charles II
Successor Philibert II
Born 5 Februar 1438
Château de Chambéry, Savoy, Fraunce
Dee'd 7 November 1497(1497-11-07) (aged 59)
Château de Chambéry, Savoy, Fraunce
Spouse Marguerite de Bourbon
Claudine de Brosse
Issue Louise, Coontess o Angoulême
Philibert II, Duke o Savoy
Charles III, Duke o Savoy
Philippe, Duke o Nemours
Philiberta, Duchess o Nemours
Full name
Filippo di Savoia
Hoose Savoy (main line)
Faither Louis, Duke o Savoy
Mither Anne o Cyprus
Releegion Roman Catholic
Lesser coat of arms of the Kingdom of Italy (1890).svg

Philip II, Duke o Savoy (5 Februar 1438 – 7 November 1497), surnamed the Landless, wis the Duke o Savoy for a brief reign frae 1496 tae 1497. He wis a gradfaither o Keeng Francis I o Fraunce.

Childer with Marguerite de Bourbon[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Louise o Savoy (11 September 1476 – 22 September 1531) mairit Charles d'Orléans, Coont o Angoulême an haed childer, wis miother o Francis I o Fraunce
  2. Philibert II, Duke o Savoy (10 Aprile 1480 – 10 September 1504) mairit Princess Yolande Louise o Savoy but haed nae childer. Mairit Airchduchess Margarete o Austrick but haed nae childer.

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