Peugeot 405

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Peugeot 405
Production1987–1997 (Europe)
AssemblyArgentina by (Sevel) (1992-2000)
Chile bi Automotora Franco Chilena
Egyp bi Iran Khodro (1987–present)
Fraunce (1987-97)
Indonesie bi Gaya Motor (1989-97)
Iran bi Iran Khodro (1987-present)
Poland bi FSO
Taiwan bi Yu-Tien Motors (1989-95)
Unitit Kinrick (1987-97)
Zimbabwe bi Quest Motor Manufacturin (1987-2002)
Bouk an chassis
ClessLairge faimily caur
Body style4-door saloon
5-door estate
LayootFront engine, Front-wheel drive / Fower-wheel drive
RelatitCitroën BX
IKCO Samand, Peugeot Pars, IKCO Dena, Peugeot RD
IngineInline-4, 1.4-2.0 L, petrol/diesel
Wheelbase2,670 mm (105 in)
Lenth4,410 mm (174 in)
Weenth1,690 mm (67 in)-1,714 mm (67.5 in)
Hicht1,390 mm (55 in)-1,450 mm (57 in)
Crib wecht1,020 kg (2,250 lb)-1,430 kg (3,150 lb)
PredecessorPeugeot 505
SuccessorPeugeot 406

The Peugeot 405 is a lairge family caur released bi the French automaker Peugeot in Julie 1987 an which continues tae be manufactured unner license ootside Fraunce. It uised TU/XU petrol an XUD diesel engines.

The 405 featurt Pininfarina styling, characterized bi good ride an handling. The 405 wis voted European Caur o the Year for 1988 bi the lairgest nummer o votes in the heestory o the contest. Aboot 2.5 million vehicles hae been sauld warldwide in left-haund an right-haund-drive versions, as a berline (saloon) an break (station wagon). No coupe wis offered tae the public, unlik the 504 an 406, as anerlie twa examples o the purpose-biggit 405 Turbo-16 (nae tae be confused wi 405 T16) wur made.

The appearance o the caur bears similarities tae those o the Alfa Romeo 164, launched the same year an an' a' styled bi Pininfarina.

Production an markets[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aboot 2.5 million vehicles hae been sauld warldwide. It slottit intae the Peugeot range atween the smawer 309 an the lairger 505, givin it a firm rival for the Ford Sierra/Ford Mondeo MK1 an Vauxhall Cavalier/Opel Vectra.

The 405 wis the last Peugeot vehicle sauld in the US, the company wi'drawin in 1991.[1]

Designed in Fraunce, it haes been manufactured in:

  • Europe: frae 1987 tae 1997 at Sochaux (Fraunce) an Ryton (UK).
  • Zimbabwe: till 2002, bi Quest.
  • Egyp: Wagih Abaza Archived 2009-03-11 at the Wayback Machine produces the 405, as well as marketin ither models.
  • Iran: Frae mid 2010 it will be produced bi Iran Khodro as 405 SLX wi air bag & ABS an some ither features.
  • Chile: Produced bi Franco-Andina in Los Andes, includin STI Fase II model.
  • Argentinae: Several saloon models, includin diesels wur biggit in the Villa Bosch Peugeot facility frae 1992 tae 1999. In this kintra the 405 haes been an extremely popular caur, wi tot sales o ower 500,000 units.
  • Poland: Produced bi FSO Lublin.
  • Taiwan: Produced bi Yu-Tien Motors frae 1989-1995 (Production ceased efter bankruptcy).

Design an stylin[eedit | eedit soorce]

It haes been available in left-haund an richt-haund-drive versions, as a saloon an station wagon, in front-wheel, an fower-wheel drive. Designed bi Pininfarina, the 405 shares its platform wi the Citroën BX that appeared in 1982, awtho the physical appearance o the twa caurs is vera different.

Iranian variants[eedit | eedit soorce]

Iran Khodro produces several models derived frae the 405. The Peugeot Pars, kent as the Peugeot Persia an aa, is a faceliftit 405 wi a redesigned front end includin clear lamp lenses an a revised rear. The Peugeot RD is a rear wheel drive caur which haes a 405 body an mechanical pairts frae the Paykan.[2] Syne 2006, it haes been sauld in certaint Middle Eastren markets as the Peugeot ROA.[3]

The Samand, which wis designed tae be a "naitional caur" for Iran, is forby based on the 405 platform. It replaced the lang-runnin Paykan which wis itself based on the Hillman Hunter, an ancestor (in corporate awnership an model positionin terms) o the 405, haein been produced bi the Rootes Group an Chrysler UK frae 1963 till 1979 - the year that Peugeot purchased Chrysler's European operations.

Versions[eedit | eedit soorce]

1989 Peugeot 405 Break (UK-Spec)

UK Market

1988-1992 range

  • GE - 1.6 L 8-valve, basic model
  • Style - 1.6 L 8-valve, basic model, UK mercat ae
  • GL/GR - 1.6L 8-valve, 1.9L 8-valve
  • GLD/GRD - 1.9L 8-valve diesel
  • GLDt/GRDt/GTDt 1.8L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • GRi/SRi/GTX - 1.9 L 125 bhp 8-valve fuel injected, based on the same ingine as the 205 GTI 1.9.
  • Mi16 - 1.9L 16-valve fuel injectit aw alloy ingine, wi160 bhp (119 kW; 162 PS). The ingine (XU9J4) o the Mi16 wis later uised bi Peugeot as the basis for the ingine in the 206 WRC, winnin twa championships.

1992-1994 range

  • Style - 1.4 L 8-valve, 1.6L 8-valve, 1.9 L 8-valve diesel
  • GL/GLdt - 1.4 L 8-valve, 1.6L 8-valve, 1.8L 8-valve, 1.9 L 8-valve diesel, 1.9 L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • GR/GRdt - 1.6 L 8-valve, 1.8L 8-valve, 2.0L 8-valve, 1.9 L 8-valve diesel, 1.9 L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • SRi/SRdt - 2.0 L 8-valve, 1.9 L 8-valve inter-cooled turbo diesel , wi rear spoiler an sports styling
  • STi/STdt - 2.0 L 8-valve, luxury model, 1.9 L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • Hunter - 1.9 L 8-valve turbo diesel, Special edition
  • Mi16 - 2.0 L 16-valve, 155 bhp (116 kW; 157 PS)
  • Mi16 Le Mans - 2.0 L 16-valve, Special edition Mi16, came wi special edition reid paint, alcantara (leather/suede) seats an alloys. 1,000 produced
  • T16 - The tap o the line homologation special, 200 hp (150 kW) at 1,1 bar (normal boost) 220 hp at 1,3 bar (overboost) for 45 sec. 2.0 L 16-valve turbocharged XU10J4TE ingine wi watercooled chargecooler, constant fower wheel drive wi 53/47% pouer distribution an self-regulatin hydraulic rear axle. 1061 examples wur biggit, 60 o them for the French Police.

1994-1996 range

  • Style - 1.6L 8-valve, 1.9 L 8-valve diesel, 1.9 L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • Quasar - 1.8L 8-valve, 1.9 L 8-valve diesel, 1.9L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • GLX - 1.6L 8-valve, 1.8L 8-valve, 1.9 8-valve diesel, 1.9 8-valve turbo diesel
  • GTX - 2.0L 8-valve, 1.9 8-valve diesel, 1.9 8-valve turbo diesel
  • Executive - 2.0L 8-valve, 1.9 8-valve turbo diesel

1996-1997 range (estate models ae)

  • Style - 1.8L 8-valve, 1.9L 8-valve diesel, 1.9L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • LX - 1.8L 8-valve, 1.9L 8-valve diesel, 1.9L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • GLX - 2.0L 8-valve, 1.9L 8-valve turbo diesel
  • Executive - 2.0L 8-valve, 1.9L 8-valve turbo diesel

Motorsport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Pikes Peak version o the 405 Turbo 16 GR.

The maist famous motorsport version o the 405, the rallyin 405 Turbo 16 GR, wis vera different frae the road-going 405. It wis biggit in a coupe body style in mid-ingine configuration, haed constant fower wheel drive wi electronically-adjustable centre differential lik the 205 T16, as it wis based on the same technology. Ae twa examples wur made, ane raced hill climbs an the ither competit in the Paris-Dakar rally. The day, ane is in the offeecial Peugeot museum, an the ither is in a private collection.

  • 1988: Finnish driver Ari Vatanen set a new record in the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb (an awaird winnin film o the drive titled Climb Dance wis made bi Jean Louis Mourey). Kankkunen an Piironen win the Paris-Dakar Rally in the 405 T16 GR.
  • 1989: Victory in the Paris-Dakar rally bi the Vatanen-Ickx team in a 405 T16 GR.
  • 1990: Victory in the Paris-Dakar rally bi the Vatanen-Berglund team in a 405 T16 GR.

Racin 405s muckle closer in specification tae the road-goin models wur campaigned for several years in European touring caur racin durin the early tae mid 1990s, maist notably in the British Touring Car Championship an the French Supertourisme Championship. In Breetain, the 405 did no achieve muckle success, but the caur wan the French series in baith 1994 an 1995, in the haunds o Laurent Aïello.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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