Peter Kropotkin

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This name uises Eastren/Soothren Slavic namin customs; the patronymic is Alexeyevich an the faimily name is Kropotkin.
Peter Kropotkin
Peter Kropotkin circa 1900.jpg
Kropotkin c. 1900 (aged 57)
BornPyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin
9 December 1842(1842-12-09)
Moscow, Roushie Empire
Died8 Februar 1921(1921-02-08) (aged 78)
Dmitrov, Roushie SFSR
Alma materSaunt Petersburg Imperial varsity (na degree)[1]
SchuilAnarchist communism
Main interests
Notable ideas
SignaturPeter Kropotkin signature.svg

Prince Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin (Roushie: Пётр Алексе́евич Кропо́ткин; December 9, 1842 – Februar 8, 1921) wis a Roushie activist, scientist, an filosofer, wha advocatit anarchism.

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