Peter I Island

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Peter I Island

Peter I Øy
Banner o Peter I Island
Location o Peter I Island
GovrenmentDependent territory
• Admeenistration
Polar Affairs Depairtment o the Norwegian Meenistry o Justice an the Polis
Norwegian dependency
• Claimed
2 Februar 1929
• Annexed
6 Mairch 1931
• Dependency
24 Mairch 1933
23 Juin 1961
• Tot
154 km2 (59 sq mi)
• Glaciatit
• Census

Peter I Island (Norse: Peter I Øy)[1] is an uninhabitit volcanic island in the Bellingshausen Sea, 450 kilometre (280 mi) frae Antarctica. It is claimed as a dependency o Norawa, an alang wi Queen Maud Land an Bouvet Island comprises ane o the three Norwegian dependent territories in the Antarctic an sub-Antarctic. Peter I Island is 11 bi 19 kilometre (6.8 bi 11.8 mi) lang an 156 square kilometre (60 sq mi). The tawest peak is the ultra an 1,640-meter (5,380 ft) tae Lars Christensen Peak.[citation needit] Nearly aw o the island is covered bi a glacier an it is surroondit maist o the year bi pack ice, makin it inaccessible almaist aw year roond. Thare is little life on the island apart frae seabirds an seals.[citation needit]

The island wis first sichted bi Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen on 21 Januar 1821 an wis named for Peter I o Roushie.[citation needit] Nae till 2 Februar 1929 did onyane set fit on the island, when Nils Larsen an Ola Olstad's Seicont Norvegia Expedeetion, financed bi Lars Christensen, wis successfu.[citation needit] Thay claimed it for Norawa, who annexed it in 1931 an made it a dependency in 1933. The next landing occurred in 1948 and the island has been subject to some scientific research and a limited amount o tourism. The island acame subject tae the Antarctic Treaty in 1961.[citation needit] Syne 1987, thare haes been an automatit meteorological station on the island. Three DX-pedeetions hae veesitit the island an thare are sporadic landins bi tourists.[citation needit]

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