Peter I Island

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Peter I Island
Peter I Øy
Govrenment Dependent territory
 •  Admeenistration Polar Affairs Depairtment o the Norwegian Meenistry o Justice an the Polis
Norwegian dependency
 •  Claimed 2 Februar 1929 
 •  Annexed 6 Mairch 1931 
 •  Dependency 24 Mairch 1933 
 •  Antarctic Treaty 23 Juin 1961 
 •  Tot 154 km2
59 sq mi
 •  Glaciatit 95%
 •  census uninhabitit

Peter I Island (Norse: Peter I Øy)[1] is an uninhabitit volcanic island in the Bellingshausen Sea, 450 kilometres (280 mi) frae Antarctica. It is claimed as a dependency o Norawa, an alang wi Queen Maud Land an Bouvet Island comprises ane o the three Norwegian dependent territories in the Antarctic an sub-Antarctic. Peter I Island is 11 by[convert: %s]%s lang an 156 square kilometres (60 sq mi). The tawest peak is the ultra an 1,640-meter (5,380 ft) taw Lars Christensen Peak. Nearly aw o the island is covered bi a glacier an it is surroondit maist o the year bi pack ice, makin it inaccessible almaist aw year roond. Thare is little life on the island apart frae seabirds an seals.

The island wis first sichted bi Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen on 21 Januar 1821 an wis named for Peter I o Roushie. Nae till 2 Februar 1929 did onyane set fit on the island, when Nils Larsen an Ola Olstad's Seicont Norvegia Expedeetion, financed bi Lars Christensen, wis successfu. Thay claimed it for Norawa, who annexed it in 1931 an made it a dependency in 1933. The next landing occurred in 1948 and the island has been subject to some scientific research and a limited amount o tourism. The island acame subject tae the Antarctic Treaty in 1961. Syne 1987, thare haes been an automatit meteorological station on the island. Three DX-pedeetions hae veesitit the island an thare are sporadic landins bi tourists.

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