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Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf)
TeepAnti-ship ballistic missile
Service history
In service2011–present
Uised biIran
North Korea
Production history
Lenth8.86 m
Diameter0.61 m
Warheid650 kg

IngineSolid (single stage)
300 km
SpeedMach 3
Accuracy8.50 m[1][2][3]

Khalij Fars (Persie: موشک خلیج فارس‎‎, "Persian Gulf") is an Iranian single-stage solit-propellant, supersonic anti-ship quasi ballistic missile wi a range of 300 km based on the Fateh-110 missile. It is equipped wi a 650 kg explosive warhead an an interception evading guidance seestem.

The missile wis unveiled in Februar 2011 when the Commander o the Islamic Revolutionary Gairds Corps, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, annoonced that it is bein mass-produced. The Iranian Fars News agency released a footage o the missile hitting a target ship successfully.[4] The missile wis first testit during the Great Prophet 3 naval wargemmes in 2008. Israeli expert Uzi Rubin describes the missile as a gemme changer if uised against US carriers in the Strait of Hormuz.[5]

Thare haeve been twa ither publicized tests o the missile. Ane occurred in Julie 2011 an the ither in Julie 2012.[6][7] The latter test an aw showed footage taken bi the missile's electro-optical seeker locked onto its target.[8]

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