Perejil Island

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Perejil Island
Disputit island
Ither names: Isla Perejil (Spaingie), Parsley Island (Inglis), Tura (Berber), Jazīrat Tūra (Arabic)
Vista del islote de Perejil desde la costa africana.jpg
View o Perejil Island frae the Moroccan coast wi Spain on the horizon.
Location Strait o Gibraltar
Coordinates 35°54′50″N 5°25′08″W / 35.91389°N 5.41889°W / 35.91389; -5.41889Coordinates: 35°54′50″N 5°25′08″W / 35.91389°N 5.41889°W / 35.91389; -5.41889
Total islands 1
15 hectares (37 acres)
Heichest point 74 metres (243 ft)
Claimit bi
Population Uninhabitit

Perejil Island (Spaingie: Isla de Perejil, Berber: Tura, [جزيرة تورة Jazīrat Tūra] error: {{lang-xx}}: text haes italic markup (help)) is a smaw, uninhabitit rocky islet locatit off the coast o Morocco, just 200 metres frae the mainland coast. Its sovereignty is disputit atween Spain an Morocco. It wis the subject o an airmed incident atween the twa kintras in 2002.