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Percy Williams Bridgman

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Percy Williams Bridgman
Born21 Apryle 1882(1882-04-21)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, Unitit States
Dee'd20 August 1961(1961-08-20) (aged 79)
Randolph, New Hampshire, Unitit States
Cause o daith
NaitionalityUnitit States
Alma materHarvard Varsity
Kent forHeich pressur physics
Operational defineetion
AwairdsRumford Prize (1917)
Elliott Cresson Medal (1932)
Comstock Prize in Physics (1933)
Nobel Prize in Physics (1946)
Fellae o the Ryal Society (1949)[1]
Bingham Medal (1951)
Scientific career
InstitutionsHarvard Varsity
Doctoral advisorWallace Clement Sabine
Doctoral studentsFrancis Birch
Gerald Holton
John C. Slater
John Hasbrouck Van Vleck

Percy Williams Bridgman (21 Aprile 1882 – 20 August 1961) wis an American physicist wha wan the 1946 Nobel Prize in Physics for his wirk on the physics o heich pressurs. He forby wrote extensively on the scienteefic method an on ither aspects o the filosofie o science.[2][3][4]

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