Pennsylvania Avenue (Washington, D.C.)

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Pennsylvania Avenue
Leukin sootheast doun Pennsylvania Avenue, NW taewart the Unitit States Capitol seen here frae the Old Post Office Pavilion.
Lenth35.1 mi (56.5 km)
LocationWashington, D.C.
Prince George's Coonty, Maryland
Coordinates38°53′37″N 77°01′26″W / 38.893738°N 77.023901°W / 38.893738; -77.023901

Pennsylvania Avenue is a street in Washington, D.C. that jyns the White Hoose an the Unitit States Caipitol. Cried "America's Main Street",[1] it is the location o offeecial parades an processions, as well as protest marches. Mairower, Pennsylvania Avenue is an important commuter route an is pairt o the Naitional Highway Seestem.

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