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Peleus consigns Achilles tae Chiron's care, white-grund lekythos bi the Edinburgh Penter, c. 500 BC, (National Airchaeological Museum o Athens)

In Greek meethology, Peleus (Greek: Πηλεύς, Pēleus) wis a hero whase meeth wis already kent tae the hearers o Homer in the late 8t century BC.[1] Peleus wis the son o Aeacus, keeng o the island o Aegina,[2] an Endeïs, the oread o Mount Pelion in Thessaly.[3] He mairied the sea-nymph Thetis wi whom he faithered Achilles.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Peleus is mentioned in Homer's Odyssey during the conversation atween Odysseus an the dead Achilles.
  2. The island lies in the Saronic Gulf opposite the coast o Epidaurus; it haed ance been cried Oenone, Pausanias wis informed.
  3. In poetry he an Telamon are sometimes the Endeides, the "sons of Endeis"; see, for example, Pausanias 2.29.10.