Pedro de Valdivia

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Pedro de Valdivia
Pedro de Valdivia.jpg
Posthumous portrait bi Federico de Madrazo
1st Ryal Govrenor o Chile
In office
Monarch Charles I o Spain
Precedit bi None
Succeedit bi Francisco de Villagra
In office
Monarch Charles I o Spain
Prime Meenister Pedro de la Gasca
Precedit bi Francisco de Villagra
Succeedit bi Francisco de Villagra
Personal details
Born Aprile 17, 1497
Villanueva de la Serena, Vegas Altas, Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain
Dee'd December 25, 1553 (aged 56)
Tucapel, Cañete, Chile
Spoose(s) Marina Ortíz de Gaete
Religion Catholic
Militar service
Allegiance  Spain
Years o service 1520–1553

Italian War o 1521–26

Conquest o Peru

Conquest o Chile

Pedro Gutiérrez de Valdivia or Valdiva (Aprile 17, 1497 – December 25, 1553[1]) wis a Spaingie conquistador an the first ryal govrenor o Chile. Efter servin wi the Spaingie airmy in Italy an Flanders, he wis sent tae Sooth Americae in 1534, whaur he served as lieutenant unner Francisco Pizarro in Peru, actin as his seicont in command. In 1540 he led an expedition o 150 Spaniards intae Chile, whaur he defeatit a lairge force o Indians an foonded Santiago in 1541. He extended Spaingie rule sooth tae the Bío-Bío River in 1546, focht again in Peru (1546 – 48), an returned tae Chile as govrenor in 1549. He began tae conquer Chile sooth o the Bío-Bío an foondit Concepción in 1550. He wis capturt and killed in a campaign against the Araucanian Indians. The ceety o Valdivia in Chile is named efter him.

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  1. Dates sometimes gien as 1510 - 1569, i.e. Robert Chambers "Book of Days" (1868)