Pectoralis major muscle

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Pectoralis major
Superficial muscles o the chest an front o the airm.
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The trunk viewed frae the front, shawin the pectoralis major tae the richt. (Tae the left it is remuived shawin unnerlyin structures, amang ither the pectoralis minor.)
OriginClavicular heid: anterior surface o the medial hauf o the clavicle.
Sternocostal head: anterior surface o the sternum, the superior sax costal cartilages, an the aponeurosis o the freemit oblique muscle
InsertionLateral lip o the bicipital groove o the humerus
(anteromedial proximal humerus)
Arterypectoral branch o the thoracoacromial trunk
Nervelateral pectoral nerve an medial pectoral nerve
Clavicular head: C5 an C6
Sternocostal heid: C7, C8 an T1
ActionsClavicular heud: flexes the humerus
Sternocostal head: Adducts the humerus
As a hale, adducts an medially rotates the humerus. It an aa draws the scapula anteriorly an inferiorly.
LaitinMusculus pectoralis major
Anatomical terms o muscle

The pectoralis major (frae Laitin: pectus, breast) is a thick, fan-shaped muscle, situatoy at the chest (anterior) o the human bouk.