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Pauline Bonaparte
Princess o Guastalla
Princess o Sulmona
Pauline Bonaparte Lefevre.jpg
Portrait bi Robert Lefèvre, 1803.
Duchess o Guastalla
Ring 24 March 1806 – 14 August 1806
Predecessor Ferdinand
Successor Duchy annexed bi Parma
Born 20 October 1780(1780-10-20)
Maison Bonaparte, Ajaccio, Corsica
Dee'd 9 Juin 1825(1825-06-09) (aged 44)
Florence, Tuscany
Buirial Saunt Mary Major Basilica, Roum
Spouse Charles Leclerc
Camillo Borghese, Prince o Sulmona
Issue Dermide Leclerc
Full name
Maria Paola Bonaparte
Hoose Bonaparte (birth)
Borghese (second mairiage)
Faither Carlo Buonaparte
Mither Letizia Ramolino
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Seegnatur Pauline Bonaparte's signature

Pauline Bonaparte (Maria Paola; 20 October 1780 – 9 Juin 1825) wis an Italian noblewoman, the first sovereign Duchess o Guastalla in Italy, an imperial French Princess an the Princess consort o Sulmona an Rossano. She wis the sixth child o Letizia Ramolino and Carlo Buonaparte, Corsica's representative tae the coort o Keeng Louis XVI o Fraunce. She wis the favourite sister o her elder brither, Napoleon. She mairit Charles Leclerc, a French general, a union ended bi his daith in 1802. Later, she mairit Don Camillo Borghese (6t) Prince o Sulmona. Her only child, Dermide Leclerc, born frae her first mairiage, died in childhood. She wis the anly Bonaparte sibling tae visit Napoleon in exile on his principality, Elba. She is also kent as Pauline Borghese. She wis a subject o a sculpture bi Antonio Canova.

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