Paul W. S. Anderson

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Paul W. S. Anderson
Paul W. S. Anderson by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Anderson at WonderCon 2012
Born Paul William Scott Anderson
(1965-03-04) 4 Mairch 1965 (age 54)
Newcastle upon Tyne, Ingland
Thrift Film director, producer, an screenwriter
Hauf-marrae(s) Milla Jovovich (2009–present)
Childer Ever Gabo Anderson (b. 2007)
Dashiel Edan Jovovich-Anderson (b. 2015)

Paul William Scott Anderson (born 4 Mairch 1965) is a Inglis film director, producer, an screenwriter who regularly wirks in science feection movies an video gemme movies. He is primarily kent for directin, producin, an writin the Resident Evil films, which are based on the video gemmes o the same name.

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