Paul Signac

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Paul Signac
Paul Signac, ca. 1883.jpg
Paul Signac wi his palette, ca. 1883
Born Paul Victor Jules Signac
11 November 1863(1863-11-11)
Paris, Fraunce
Died 15 August 1935(1935-08-15) (aged 71)
Paris, Fraunce
Naitionality French
Kent for Pentin
Muivement Post-Impressionism, Neo-impressionism, Pointillism, Divisionism

Paul Victor Jules Signac (French: [pɔl siɲak]; 11 November 1863 – 15 August 1935) wis a French Neo-Impressionist penter that, wirkin wi Georges Seurat, helped develop the Pointillist style.