Paul Samuelson

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Nobel prize medal.svg Paul Samuelson
Paul Samuelson.jpg
Samuelson in 1997
BornPaul Anthony Samuelson
15 Mey 1915(1915-05-15)
Gary, Indiana, US
Died13 December 2009(2009-12-13) (aged 94)
Belmont, Massachusetts, US
NaitionalityUnitit States
InstitutionMassachusetts Institute o Technology
Schuil or
Neo-Keynesian economics
Alma materHarvard Varsity, (Ph.D.)
Varsity o Chicago, (B.A.)
Joseph Schumpeter
Wassily Leontief
Lawrence Klein[1][2]
Robert C. Merton[3]
InfluencesKeynes • Schumpeter • Leontief • Haberler • Hansen • Wilson • Wicksell • Lindahl
InfluencedFischer • Solow • Phelps • Krugman • Stiglitz • Swamy
ContreibutionsNeoclessical synthesis
Mathematical economics
Economic methodology
Revealed preference
Internaitional tred
Economic growth
Public guids
AwairdsJohn Bates Clark Medal (1947)
Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (1970)
Naitional Medal o Science (1996)
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Paul Anthony Samuelson (Mey 15, 1915 – December 13, 2009) wis an American economist an the first American tae win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

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