Paul Sabatier (chemist)

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Nobel prize medal.svg Paul Sabatier
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Paul Sabatier
Born 5 November 1854(1854-11-05)
Carcassonne, Fraunce
Died 14 August 1941(1941-08-14) (aged 86)
Toulouse, Fraunce
Naitionality Fraunce
Fields Inorganic chemistry
Institutions Collège de France
Varsity o Bordeaux
Varsity o Toulouse
Alma mater Collège de France
Doctoral advisor Marcellin Berthelot
Kent for Heterogeneous catalysis
Notable awairds Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1912)
Davy Medal (1915)
Albert Medal (1926)
Franklin Medal (1933)

Paul Sabatier FRS[1] (French: [sabatje]; 5 November 1854 – 14 August 1941) wis a French chemist, born in Carcassonne. In 1912, Sabatier wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Chemistry alang wi Victor Grignard. Sabatier wis honoured specifically for his wirk improvin the hydrogenation o organic species in the presence o metals.

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