Paul Klee

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Paul Klee
Paul Klee 1911.jpg
Paul Klee in 1911
Born18 December 1879
Münchenbuchsee near Bern, Swisserland
Died29 Juin 1940(1940-06-29) (aged 60)
Muralto, Swisserland
EddicationAcademy o Fine Airts, Munich
Kent forPentin, drawin, wattercolour, prentmakin
Notable wirk(s)mair nor 10,000 pentings, drawins, an etchins, includin Twitterin Machine (1922), Fish Magic (1925), Viaducts Break Ranks (1937).
MuivementExpressionism, Bauhaus, Surrealism

Paul Klee (German: [paʊ̯l ˈkleː]; 18 December 1879 – 29 Juin 1940) wis a Swiss-German airtist. His heichly indiveedual style wis influenced bi muivements in airt that includit Expressionism, Cubism, an Surrealism. Klee wis a naitural draftsman wha experimentit wi an eventually deeply splored colour theory, writin aboot it extensively; his lecturs Writins on Form an Design Theory (Schriften zur Form und Gestaltungslehre), published in Inglis as the Paul Klee Notebooks, are held tae be as important for modren airt as Leonardo da Vinci's A Treatise on Pentin for the Renaissance.[1][2][3][4] He an his colleague, Roushie penter Wassily Kandinsky, baith taucht at the Bauhaus schuil o airt, design an airchitectur. His warks reflect his dry humour an his whiles bairnlik perspective, his personal muids an beliefs, an his muisicality.

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