Paul Hunter (snooker player)

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Paul Hunter
Born14 October 1978(1978-10-14)
Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Dee'd9 October 2006(2006-10-09) (aged 27)
Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Sport kintra Ingland
  • Beckham of the Baize
  • The Man with the Golden Cue
Heichest rankin4 (2004/2005)[1]
Career winnins£1,535,730
Heichest break146:
2004 Premier League
Century braks114
Toornament wins

Paul Alan Hunter (14 October 1978 – 9 October 2006) wis a Breetish professional snooker player. His media profile developit swiftly an he became knoun as th "Beckham o the Baize" acause o his good looks an flamboyant style.

Hunter wis a three-time Masters Champion (2001, 2002 an 2004), winnin the title on the decidin frame on aw three occasions. Hunter compiled 114 competitive century braks in the course o his professional career, includin a brak o 146 at the 2004 Premier League. Hunter an aw won three rankin titles: the Welsh Open in 1998 an 2002 an the Breetish Open in 2002. He wis a Warld Championship semi-finalist in 2003. During the 2004/2005 saison, he attained a career-heich rankin o nummer fower in the warld.[1]

In Mairch 2005, Hunter wis diagnosed wi neuroendocrine tumours. He diath shortly afore his 28t birthday in October 2006. In 2016, the Masters trophy wis renamed in his honour.

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  • Hunter, Lindsey (2008). Unbreakable: My Life wi Paul – a Story o Extraordinary Courage an Luve. Lunnon: HarperElement. ISBN 0-00-726091-1.

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