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Nobel prize medal.svg Patrick White
Patrick White 1973.jpg
White in Sydney, 1973
Born Patrick Victor Martindale White
28 Mey 1912(1912-05-28)
Knightsbridge, Lunnon, Ingland
Dee'd 30 September 1990(1990-09-30) (aged 78)
Sydney, New Sooth Wales, Australie
Thrift Novelist, playwricht, poet, short-story writer, essayist
Leid Inglis
Naitionality Breetish Australie
Eddication Bachelor o Airts
Alma mater Varsity o Cambridge
Period 1935–87
Notable awairds

Miles Franklin Literary Awaird
1957 Voss
1961 Riders in the Chariot
Australie Leeteratur Society Gowd Medal
1941 Happy Valley
1955 The Tree o Man
1965 The Burnt Ones
Australie o the Year Awaird

Nobel Prize in Leeteratur
Pairtner Manoly Lascaris (1912–2003)

Patrick Victor Martindale White (28 Mey 1912 – 30 September 1990) wis an Australie writer wha is widely regairdit as ane o the maist important Inglis-leid novelists o the 20t century. Frae 1935 tae his daith, he published 12 novelles, three short-story collections an aicht plays.