Patrick Henry

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Patrick Henry
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1st & 6t Govrenor o Virginie
In office
1 December 1784 – 1 December 1786
Precedit bi Benjamin Harrison V
Succeedit bi Edmund Randolph
In office
5 Julie 1776 – 1 Juin 1779
Precedit bi Edmund Pendleton (Acting)
Succeedit bi Thomas Jefferson
Personal details
Born 29 Mey 1736(1736-05-29)
Studley, Colony o Virginie, Breetish Americae
Dee'd 6 Juin 1799(1799-06-06) (aged 63)
Brookneal, Virginie, U.S.
Poleetical pairty Anti-Federalist
Spoose(s) Sarah Shelton (m. 1754; d. 1775)
Dorothea Dandridge (m. 1777; his death 1799)
Profession Planter, lawer

Patrick Henry (29 Mey 1736 – 6 Juin 1799) wis an American attorney, planter, an orator best kent for his declaration tae the Seicont Virginie Convention (1775): "Give me liberty, or give me death!"